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6 Benefits of Car Leasing you NEED to know! (over buying)

6 Benefits of Car Leasing you NEED to know! (over buying)

Posted on 6th November 2018 at 11:46 AM


Long gone are the days when the benefits of vehicle leasing were limited to businesses only! In recent years, the trend in personal car leasing has grown tremendously, with more and more people choosing to lease a car over buying… but why? As a leading car and van leasing company in Essex, we’ve had experience with many repeat customers. Whether saving money, or the flexibility that comes with leasing, there are different reasons why people choose it over buying a van or car. In this article, we share why people are choosing to lease a vehicle over buying. See some of the main benefits below.


  1. Wholesale car discounts are passed straight onto you!

    Leasing a car can be cheaper than buying it outright.When it comes to leasing, wholesale discounts will be passed straight on to you.  At Planet Leasing for instance, we have built and maintained strong relationships with leading UK car manufacturers, so we can always offer the best discounts and quotes available.

    This means even the hottest and latest brand models - such as Mercedes-Benz or Volvo or special editions - can be leased at surprisingly low prices. You also don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of financial losses if that vehicle devalues significantly over time. This means you can get the keys to your dream car.  Say hello to a cloud nine driving experience!


  1. Car leasing drives down, down, down on the interest rates

    Interest rates aren’t always in your best interest. Unlike purchase agreements such as PCP or HP, there are no interest rates for the driver to be concerned with in car leasing. Because the car remains the property of the funder for the duration of the contract hire, you only need finance the drop in residual value of the vehicle for the agreed term. It is a fixed contract amount spread over the contract term. There are no interest charges. At Planet Leasing, we’ve got you covered; we’ll provide you with the quote for your fixed monthly payment, and ensure that what you see, is what you pay!


  1. Instant access to most up-to-date & innovative vehicles

    With car leasing you needn’t ever go out of fashion! Because you are not bound to your vehicle once your contract is up, you can simply switch up your style or move up to the latest model. Shorter contracts of 2, 3 or 4 years allow you to experience a new vehicle, including all new technological and engine updates, every time!

    You never know how your life circumstances may change in the near future. For example, you may need to switch up to a larger family vehicle! So, whether it’s the retro car look, or you want to switch out for a more functional model, car leasing gives you the motor-keys to car freedom.


  1. You can lease at monthly costs fixed for your budget 

    Paying fixed monthly costs without hidden charges means that you can have peace of mind that you are keeping within your monthly budget remit. If you are buying a vehicle, you may be alarmed with unexpected repairs and fees. With leasing, you have options to ensure that your vehicle is maintained and serviced, but you should always check this is the case. At Planet Leasing, we offer a GAP policy which is specifically designed for Lease Contracts to cover potential shortfall.


  1. You’re unaffected by depreciation of the asset

    The ideal scenario would be your car would stay mint condition for a lifetime, but unfortunately this is not the case. Reports from the AA show that even within the first year of the car leaving the showroom, the value of it will have already reduced by 20%. Of course, this depreciation rate will vary depending on the mileage of the car and the mode. But in essence, it means that when you’re finished with your car lease, you needn’t be concerned with the gamble of how much it is worth. You can move on to the next brand spanking new vehicle!


  1. No re-selling hassles to deal with – it’s off your hands!

    Selling a car can be a real bother, especially when it’s a model that is a few years old. But with car leasing, this is one headache you can get around! Once you’re done with your car lease, you only have to return your vehicle as you found it, and then where you go from there is up to you. You don’t need to worry about the vehicle value, dealing with difficult re-selling techniques, or potential time-wasters and buyers. You can simply renew that vehicle lease or lease your next new vehicle.


Last word – how Planet Leasing can help

In an ever-evolving car industry in the UK, along with transforming consumer tastes, it would be foolhardy to assume that car leasing is a “one-size-fits-all” solution, but nonetheless it does withhold a whole host of benefits for many.

 Want to know if leasing a car is right for you? At Planet Leasing, we offer impartial and honest advice, meaning you can ask all the questions without any pressure or hard sales. Get in touch with one of our experts today.


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I took receipt of my new car yesterday thanks to Gary Spurgeon of Planet Leasing. The entire process was completely painless and the team at Planet pretty much dealt with everything. I say pretty much because I had to tell them what car I had decided on and sign the paperwork, but that was it. In a world where time is of a premium, using Planet leasing allowed me the time to carry on with my day, safe in the knowledge that Planet Leasing were taking care of everything on my behalf. Another bonus was that they couldn't be beaten on price (certainly with the other companies I engaged with).

Gary Fernon, Volkswagen Golf

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